Price List


Teleconsultation 40 EUR

Indyvidual analysis of the medical history and conversation about our proposal of treatment (25 min).

Who? Jan Olek, M.D. - Miracolo Doctor, specialised in diagnose and treatment of endometriosis

Where? Worldwide

Stationary Consultation                                                                 420 PLN (approx. 100 EUR)

Indyvidual analysis of the medical history and precise gynecological examination with ultrasound, directed on endometriosis (ca. 40 min)

Who? Tomasz Songin, Ph.D. - Miracolo Doctor, spcialised in diagnose and treatment of endometriosis

Where? Warsaw 

from 6.000 PLN (approx. 1.500 EUR)TVL (eng. trans­va­ginal laparo­scopy)

It is a short surgery, which requires short general or local anaesthesia (local anesthesia of the cervix combined with the use of nitrous oxide, i.e. laughing gas). After the surgery patient does not require hospitalization. The proce­dure is performed by trans­va­ginal access without leaving any scars in the abdominal area.

Where? Warsaw

Duration? 1-1,5 hour

Hospital stay? usually 8-12 hours

Laparoscopicfrom 13.200 - 18.200 PLN (approx. 3.125 - 4.300 EUR) removal of endometriosis

Laparoscopic excision of all possible lesions with the use of innovative tools, e.g. plasma knife. 

Where? Warsaw

Duration? 1-4 hours

Hospital stay? usually 1- 2 days 

Laparoscopic removal of advanced endometriosis                 from 15.000 PLN (approx. 3.750 EUR)

Compli­cated cases requiring surgical and / or urolo­gical assistance are carried out by Jan Olek, M.D. in a cer­ti­fied endome­triosis center at the St. Josefs Hospital in Dortmund, Germany.

Where? Dortmund (Germany)

Duration? 1-4 hours

Hospital stay?: usually 1-2 days

Nutrition therapy (7 weeks)                                                                              800 PLN (approx. 200 EUR)

Nutritional therapy is not an ordinary diet - it is much more. Its aim is to renew the immune system optimal condition in order to reduce the risk ofendomeriosis recurrence in the future.