Miracolo's nutrition therapy

Restoration of immune system good condition in order to reduce the risk of recurrence in the future.

Miracolo nutrition therapy

Nutri­tional therapy is not an ordinary diet. And certa­inly not counting calories! It is much more.

We start with a deta­iled nutri­tional history and analysis and sugge­stion of changes in your eating habits and life style.

The therapy lasts 7 weeks. The first 3 weeks is detox of your body.

We devote great atten­tion to intestinal dysbio­sis, which accor­ding to our observations is present in over 90% of patients with endome­triosis and autoim­mune diseases. It's quite a chal­lenge to change the billion popula­tion of microbes living in our intesti­nes. Supple­men­ta­tion of appro­priate probio­tics and enema will help you in this. I know, hearing the word enema often shive­ring over the body. The truth is that properly carried out drama­ti­cally increase the effec­ti­ve­ness of therapy. Enemas remove toxins of bacte­ria, fungi and parasites present in the intestine, purify the blood, hydrate the body, allow the recon­struc­tion of the intestinal mucosa. Enemas have also pain relieving effect. This is a very valuable feature in patients with endome­triosis.

After a period of detox, four weeks follow a healthy diet to provide the body with every­thing that it needs. Why four weeks? This is the time to develop certain habits that should pay off in the future. It is a very varied diet based mainly on plant products. We will take you on a culi­nary journey through the Mediter­ra­nean, Asian, Latin American cuisine and, for dessert, Polish cuisine.

An invalu­able role in therapy is herbal medicine. The action of indivi­dual herbs on parti­cular recep­tors has been thoro­ughly investi­gated both in vitro (in vitro) and in vivo. In endome­trio­sis, antie­stro­genic and stimu­la­ting proge­sta­tional recep­tors are of key impor­tance. The purifying herbs of the liver are also very helpful, because it is respon­sible for the metabo­lism of estro­gens that stimu­late the growth of endome­trio­sis. It was on this basis that we profes­sio­nally prepared herbal products for you. 

In medical / diet therapy we offer a tho­rough analysis of labora­tory tests, modifi­ca­tion of pharma­co­lo­gical treat­ment and profes­sional selec­tion of more sophi­sti­cated supple­ments, such as gluta­thione, SAMe, N-ace­ty­l-cy­steine ​​and others.

The most common side effects of therapy are vitality, relief of heada­ches, mood impro­ve­ment, libido, rare infec­tions and many more.

Not only endometriosis

We have designed the concept of therapy for patients with endome­trio­sis, although there are many more indica­tions for nutri­tional therapy. Many diseases have the same backgro­und, i.e: weakened immune system, intestinal dysbio­sis, malab­sorp­tion syndrome.

Nutri­tion therapy will benefit people from:

  • endometriosis,

  • infertility,

  • habitual miscarriages,

  • PCO,

  • PMS,

  • fibroids,

  • thyroid diseases (e.g., Hashimoto) and other autoimmune diseases,

  • adrenal diseases,

  • insulin resistance,

  • SIBO, intestinal dysbiosis,

  • obesity,

  • headaches, migraines,

  • abdominal pain, constipation, flatulence, reflux, heartburn,

  • skin lesions (i.e., acne, pruritus, atopic changes, hair loss),

  • recurrent urinary tract inflammations,

  • vaginal mycoses,

  • depression.

Endometriosis - standard

800 .00 PLN

  • Body detox
  • Rebuilding the intestinal bacterial flora
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Professionally selected herbs
  • A menu with tested recipes for 7 weeks
  • 2 consultations with a dietician
  • Basic dietary supplementation

Wondering if you also have endometriosis?

The sooner you diagnose this disease, the more likely you are to cure it completely. It means not only a better quality of life due to the lack of menstrual ailments, but also a restoration of your natural fertility.