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Our mission

We are aware that in Poland alone there are about one million women affected by endometriosis, while in this part of Europe - up to several million. Talking with many of them, we do understand their difficult situation, which in an empathetic way evokes genuine sympathy and a desire to care for them. A large number of women struggle with a large misunderstanding of their problem, both in the family and medical environment ("after all it is normal that the menstrual period hurts").

We want to help them and effectively cure the main cause of pain and infertility! Our mission is to create a modern and international endometriosis treatment center in Poland, offering a minimally invasive novel diagnostics and disease treatment based on the best treatment tools available in the world of medicine.

A short history of Miracolo

The idea of ​​creating the Miracolo Clinic appeared at the beginning of 2016 in the minds of two brothers: Jan and Łukasz. Jan Olek is a gynecologist who for many years developed his surgical skills and medical experience in Germany. There he got to know the Western standards of diagnostics and the new approach of endometriosis treatment. He also had the opportunity to work with the most modern surgical instruments that allow the precise removal of endometriosis. Łukasz Olek is an IT specialist with the entrepreneur’s soul. He created the first online exchange office in Poland, which was a huge success. He came into contact with endometriosis and infertility in person and understood that this is an area that needs to be taken seriously. His aim was to offer the highest quality treatment using the best tools on a large scale. They share the same goal: willingness to help others. They decided to give Polish patients the possibility of endometriosis treatment at the highest level, based on a quality and modern, medical equipment. That's how Miracolo came about.

Initially, the treatments took place only in Germany, in Dortmund. Since July 2017 we have been working with Tomasz Songin - an experienced gynecologist from Warsaw. We started to perform a transvaginal laparoscopy in Warsaw enabling 100% diagnosis of endometriosis without leaving scars on the abdomen and removing endometriosis with a laser. We have also introduced surgical procedures for more advanced endometriosis using plasma surgery. Advanced cases of endometriosis, requiring a surgeon and urologist, are still carried out in the certified endometriosis center in Dortmund by doctor Jan Olek.

Why "Miracolo"?

You may wonder why we've chosen Miracolo (from latin: miracle) as our name. Do we perceive ourselves as miracle-workers? Definitely not. We consider human life as the greatest miracle. We are privileged that we can "touch" this miracle and serve so many women in getting their life back.