Endometriosis - the cause of infertility

Jan Olek

Endometriosis - the cause of infertility

Medical statistics say that as many as 80% of women with fertility problems have endometriosis.

Endometriosis has a double negative effect on female fertility because it affects both the anatomy and the function of the reproductive organs. Uninterrupted inflammation in the abdominal cavity leads to the creation of hostile environment, which negatively affects the quality of the ovum, the hormonal balance, as well as the impaired transport of the egg and sperm.

Adhesions occurring with endometriosis can mechanically compress the fallopian tubes, causing their obstruction.

What is medicine about?

Symptomatic treatment unfortunately does not pass the exam. The surgical treatment translates into later, and the disease continues. Hormonal ability is excluded during hormonal treatment. Therefore, if a couple wants to get pregnant, they must stop taking hormonal drugs. The effect is frustrating. The pains are intensifying, and active outbreaks of endometriosis make it impossible to get pregnant. Modern medicine suggests that the abdominal cavity should be thoroughly cleaned, ie all adhesions and all endometriosis should be removed, which will eliminate its undesirable effects. By doing this, you can check the condition of the fallopian tubes and clear them if necessary.