A modern plasma knife in endometriosis surgery!

Jan Olek

As Miracolo Clinic, we are very happy that since 2016 we have joined the group of very few centers in Europe that perform endometriotic surgery, using for this purpose a modern plasma knife!

It is currently the best tool in the medical industry, which in a precise way allows surgeons to remove endometriosis foci only, and adhesions, without unnecessary margin. 

It also allows us to operate with delicate organs (e.g., ovaries) and save ovarian reserve. The use of a plasma jet in place of a mechanical blade means that surgery to remove difficult endometriosis from delicate places is possible at all and most often avoid resection of the organ!

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PlasmaJet - modern plasma knife.

Plasmas were first used in 2001 in the United States and since then, it has completely changed the approach to treatments operating. After the great success of the new tool for overseas surgery, doctors from England and France also started using it. They have been used so far him only for ophthalmic surgery (cataract treatment), ENT (removal of tonsils), as well neurosurgery. Today is also an innovative look in gynecological surgery.

What exactly is a plasma knife? 

It's nothing more than a plasma gas stream that allows for precise cutting of diseased tissue, without disturbing its structure as the traditional blade does. Plasma produced allows the disintegration of diseased tissue, and at the same time it is capped, so that no undesirable bleeding occurs. The "glowing tip", after contact with the tissue, disperses very quickly, thanks to which the doctor has full control over the depth of penetration in a given lesion.

Plasma knife is an extremely accurate tool that dramatically reduces the risk during surgery. It is able to precisely cut, coagulate the tissue on the surface, so that the inside is unbroken from the depth of 0.2mm. This allows the removal of endometriosis foci, e.g. from the intestines, significantly reducing the risk of perforation.

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 The plasma has a minimal impact on the deep tissue.

Key features of modern plasma knife:

  1. Kinetic preparation - allows to create clean, dry surfaces and prepare tissue, even in the vicinity of sensitive structures

  2. Microlayer microfibre - enables comprehensive removal lesions from the surface of tissues; layer by layer.

  3. Surface sealing - allows drying and coagulation of the area with small vessels and draining surfaces, reducing the risk of fluid loss and complications

Key advantages of plasma knife:

  • removes lesions from much more precise than a scalpel

  • there are no puffiness after use postoperative or analogous wounds

  • allows the doctor to control the depth incisions and reach endometriosis with delicate organs

  • minimal spreading effect for tissue located in the immediate vicinity

  • removes diseased tissues without disturbing these healthy, as well as drying the drainage surfaces

  • accelerates the recovery of patients