Surgical removal of endometriosis

Laparoscopic excision of all possible lesions with the use of innovative tools.

Surgical removal of endometriosis

Endome­triosis surge­ries are mainly performed in laparo­scopy. Modera­tely severe endome­triosis (stage I and II) can be success­fully removed in trans­va­ginal laparoscopy. Advanced stages of endome­triosis require a classic laparo­scopy with 3-4 small (5-10 mm) incisions on the abdomen. We perform the majority of surge­ries in Warsaw, Poland. Compli­cated cases requiring surgical and / or urolo­gical assistance are carried out by Dr. Jan Olek in a cer­ti­fied endome­triosis center at the St. Josefs Hospital in Dortmund, Germany.

The treatment process at Miracolo

  1. Telephone consultation. By clicking on the link below you can sign up for a free consultation. You will receive a detailed questionnaire regarding your ailments and health condition.

  2. Surgery qualification. Qualification for the procedure is based on a thorough interview, documentation of ultrasound examination and any descriptions of the operations carried out in the past. However, at times additional consultation or tests are necessary (eg. magnetic resonance imaging), of which you will be informed during the consultation.

  3. Date of the procedure. We will arrange a convenient surgery date in Warsaw or Dortmund.

  4. Laboratory results. You will be asked to perform several laboratory tests before the surgery.

  5. The surgery. On the day of the procedure (or at the day before) our doctor performs a gynecological examination with ultrasound, followed by a surgical procedures. The length of hospital stay depends on the scope of performed procedures.

  6. Further treatment. Care after the surgery can be taken over by your own doctor. If endometriosis is confirmed during the surgery, we will help you to specify further treatment. You can also go through our nutritional therapy.

Techniques of endometriosis removal

Read about endome­triosis removal techni­ques and new guide­lines for endome­triotic cysts removal.

Price list of surgical procedures

Price list of our surgical proce­dures are here.

Wondering if you also have endometriosis?

The sooner you diagnose this disease, the more likely you are to cure it completely. It means not only a better quality of life due to the lack of menstrual ailments, but also a restoration of your natural fertility.