We treat endometriosis

Endometriosis is the main cause of painful menstruation and infertility

We founded Miracolo to help women like you.

In the world, 1 in 10 women experience severe symptoms like pain or infertility, but only 20% have ever heard about the cause: endometriosis. They wait on average 10 years for diagnosis. Our patients notice significant life improvement.

What do we do?

We offer the most innovative approach to endometriosis treatment: advanced surgical operation combined with nutrition therapy.

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Minimally invasive diagnostics

Transvaginal laparoscopy (TVL) allows accurate pelvic imaging without leaving any scars...
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Advanced surgical removal of endometriosis

Thorough removal of possibly all lesions and adhesions by experienced doctor, using modern, high precision tools...
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Nutrition therapy

7-week nutrition programme that restores the natural condition of the immune system to reduce the risk of endometriosis recurrence in the future...
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What makes us different?

We are aware that accurate removal of disease lesions is crucial factor of treatment effectiveness. For this reason, we search for the most effective approaches to endometriosis. We provide experienced doctors equipped with modern tools using the latest techniques.

Experienced doctors

Our doctors operated hundreds of women with endome­trio­sis, inclu­ding many cases of very advanced stage of the disease. They removed endome­triosis from the ovaries, intestinal bladder - inclu­ding deep infil­tra­tion endome­triosis. They are not satis­fied with selec­tive removal of lesions - they finish the proce­dure only when they removed all visible lesions of the disease.

Modern tools

Even the most experienced doctor with the right tools is not able to use his poten­tial. Our doctors, as the only ones in Poland, have at their dispo­sal: sets for minimally invasive transvaginal laparoscopy (TVL), a new generation plasma knife, diode laser. It is thanks to this that they are able to remove lesions classified by others as irremovable.

The latest techniques

We treat accor­ding to the latest guide­lines of inter­na­tional socie­ties: the European Society for Gynaeco­lo­gical Endoscopy (ESGE), Human Repro­duc­tion and Embry­ology (ESHRE), and the World Endome­triosis Society (WES). We are the first in Poland to use the method of vapori­za­tion of endome­trial cysts, which allows for the maximum prese­rva­tion of ovarian reserve (AMH).

Holistic approach

We believe that even the best surgery won't give the long lasting effect without the improvement of your immune system condition. Thus we advice a nutrition therapy to all our patients.

Our values

Patient focused.We know that endometriosis can effectively degrade your life through both: severe pain and infertility. You are not living in full, every day is a difficult fight with the disease. Everything we do is focused on helping you get the life back. Improving the quality of your life is our ultimate goal.

Integrity. You can expect that we honestly share our knowledge with you, that we will provide a genuine advice. It is not about forcing you to do an expensive surgery, it is about finding the best solution for you. It is more important for us to win a new ambassador than earn a bit of money.

Excellence. Gynecology is a large field of medicine. We believe that being focused on endometriosis, allows us to get best experience needed to provide best help to our patients.

Empathy. Each of our patient has its own difficult history of pain. We know that it is hard to fight with endometriosis. We can say loud: it is not normal that you feel pain. We'll make our best to help you.

Social responsibility.We believe that endometriosis is not only your own problem. It is a problem of our whole society through decreased birth rate and great impact on women's ability to work. Our mission is also to educate the society about endometriosis - the cause of these problems.

Ambition.Our dream is to create a big international endometriosis centre that will make a great impact. We are continually growing and exploring new ways to become even better.